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Tuning fork
Tuning forks with case
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Set of 5 mid 20th century tuning forks in a black leather case
2 latches to lock/unlock box
"Germany" written in gold lettering
purple cloth/velvet covering interior
slots for 5 forks
fork 1: engraved lettering "C2, 512, SuperXKrome, Aloe, Germany"
fork 2: engraved lettering " C4, 2048, SuperXKrome, Aloe, Germany"
fork 3: C3, 1024, SuperXKrome, Aloe, Germany"
fork 4: C, 128, CHROME–PLATTE, Skylar, Germany"
fork 5: C1, 256, Aloe, Germany, SuperXKrome"

Tuning forks, usually C512, are used by medical practitioners to assess a patient's hearing. Lower–pitched ones,usually C128 are also used to check vibration sense as part of the examination of the peripheral nervous system.

Tuning forks also play a role in several alternative medicine modalities, such as sonopuncture and polarity therapy.
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