Surgical Kits : Everything the traveling surgeon needed to remove or repair in one handy case
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Surgical KIt
Date of Manufacture:
– 19th to 20th Century
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Wooden and dark leather box surgical kit. Inside lined with puple velvet. Many instruments are missing, but those that remain are various kinds of surgical knives, scalpels, and hooks. There is one relatively large rectangular white tube thats use is unknown. Inside compartment holds three packs of silk thread for sutures.
Kit was produced by A. L. Hernstein from New York. Instruments are a mix of Hernstein and Germig make. Due to the wooden handles of the instruments they are certainly to be dated before the 1920s, for the importance of sanitation (and therefore the importance of all metal surgical tools) became known in the late 1800s. Due to this fact, as well as the style of the box, this kit was most likely produced closer to the mid–late 1800s than post–1900s.
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