Surgical Kits : Everything the traveling surgeon needed to remove or repair in one handy case
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surgical kit
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Large cloth military surgical kit. May have been used during WWI. This kit would have used by a medical soldier on the field for emergency surgeries. Instruments include arterial forceps, scissors, scalpels, bullet forceps and many others.

The instruments do not all hold a consistent date. For example, the scalpel consists of a wooden handle, something that wasn't seen much past the early 1900s (due to knowledge of sanitation starting in 1890). A pair of arterial forceps, however, could be dated from around the 1920s. Since this bag was used in the military, it was probably produced earlier in the date range and then reused with a mish mosh of different instruments, as was common.

The bag holds a small patch on the flap of the inside pocket with the logo for SAS. Common names for current SAS military abbreviations include the Australian Special Forces and, more commonly, the British Special Air Force Service. Both of these groups were created decades after some of these instruments would have been used, but it does bring up the thought that this bag may not have been US military. The kit, of course, could have been reused during WWII when SAS was created, although due to the age of some of these instruments one can only hope it was not.
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