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Neurosurgical Trephines
Date of Manufacture:
19th Century
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Description / History:
Trepanning surgical set in a wooden case with brass handle on top and brass hook closures on front. Set consists of a double bladed head saw (Hey Saw, c.1830), an ivory/ bone handled brush, a scalpel, a bistourie, foceps and two trephines.
The trephine was used for a procedure called trepanning, where a physician would drill a hole into the patient's head in order to treat intracrannial problems and to relieve pressure. It is still used as a procedure today, although it is not as common. The bone saw was used to make a cut in the head, while the trephine was used to steadily drill a hole in the patient's skull and the brush to brush off the bone dust that would accumulate.

H–2 W–7.5 L–9 inches
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