Surgical Kits : Everything the traveling surgeon needed to remove or repair in one handy case
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Military Pocket Surgery Kit
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Early 20th century. WWI era, military pocket surgical kit in canvas wallet. Inside front flap of canvas wallet is stamped with F. Alfred Reichardt and Co, a manufacturer of surgical instruments from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Kit contains 2 scapels, forceps, elevators, a package of surgical needles, gauze, silk ligatures, catgut ligatures and 2 packages of silkworm gut.

Patent date on scapels is November 5, 1912. The 2 scapels are solid metal in encased in a metal case. By 1895, all metal scapels were used until the disposable scapels with removable blades came on the market in 1925.

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