Surgical Kits : Everything the traveling surgeon needed to remove or repair in one handy case
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Surgical Kit
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Small black surgical kit with red velvet interior. Used for basic eye surgeries: possibly cataract surgery in particular. Instruments include two cataract knives, an angular cataract knife, a lens scoop and two unknown tools. All instruments, save one wooden one, have bone handles. Top of box is drawn in gold letters the name 'Dr. K. J. Harrison'.

Interior of box at top is stitched with a gold maker's mark that reads, "287 Oxford St./ J. Weiss & Son/ Ltd./ London". J. Weiss, a respected manufacturer for surgical equipment in his time, became J. Weiss & Son and moved the practice to Oxford St. in 1885, where it stayed until the company was bought in 1980.
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