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Slit Lamp Biomicroscope
Bausch and Lomb Slit Lamp
Bausch and Lomb
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The slit lamp biomicroscope is an instrument consisting of biomicroscope along with a high–intensity light source that can be focused to shine a thin sheet of light into the eye. The lamp facilitates an examination of the anterior segment and posterior segment of the human eye, which includes the eyelid, sclera, conjunctiva, iris, natural crystalline lens, and cornea. The binocular slit–lamp examination provides a stereoscopic magnified view of the eye structures in detail, enabling anatomical diagnoses to be made for a variety of eye conditions. A second, hand–held lens is used to examine the retina.

The slit lamp biomicroscope in our collection was patented by Bausch and Lomb on March 18, 1941. The low serial number indicates that it was manufactured in the early 1940s.
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