Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Pap Boat
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A set of three glass invalid feeders. Glass feeders were fairly popular in the early 19th century, but were shortly replaced by ceramics. Because of the lack of makers' marks, however, it is difficult to date these particular feeders that far back.

A) Production Date: 1800–1930
Mold–blown invalid feeder. Body is squat and perfectly round, while the spout is slightly curved and long. Both spout and handle have been attached out of line with eachother, thus disrupting the symmetry of the piece.

B) Production Date: 1800–1930
Mold–blown pap boat. Top opening is small and oval. Spout is fairly thick and slightly curved. Base of the handle is slightly misshapen, most likely due to a worker attaching it by hand. Leaf or fire pattern is present on the top of the feeder's spout.

C) Production Date: 1910–1930
Pap boat made by an automatic bottle machine. Body is barrel–shaped with finger indentations on both sides. Spout is straight with the handle attached under it. This feeder is shaped to be held multiple ways. Pattern around the whole feeder is rough to the touch. On the back side of the feeder are the words, "MADE IN U.S.A".
H–2.25 Dia–3 inches
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