Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Description / History:
Set of three white porcelain invalid feeders molded into unique designs. Due to these designs these feeders were most likely used for young children.

A) Production Date: 1800–1930
Porcelain feeder in the shape of a right foot. Big toe is pointed up with hole at the top.

B) Production Date: 1800–1930
Large porcelain feeder in the shape of rooster. Top of feeder is concave with a circular hole in the middle. Spout is very short and in the shape of a rooster's beak.

C) Production Date: 1927–1930
Small porcelain feeder in the shape of a bird. Half cover is flat and engraved to resemble wings. Handle is in the shape of a five–point polygon and curved downward to fit a thumb. Spout is attached to the top of the cup and in the shape of a bird's head.
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