Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Pap boats
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Set of three white pap–boats. Pap–boats are a type of invalid feeder generally used to feed the invalid or child pap: a mixture of soaked bread with meal and sugar, sometimes chewed by a nurse to get the right smooth consistancy.

A–B) Production Date: 1901–1950
Country: England
Stoneware (or, Ironstone China) plain pap–boat with dimples on sides for a better grip. Stoneware has been used for thousands of years, but became popular in England in the early 19th century as an alternative to earthenware, especially porcelain. Stoneware was significantly cheaper and slightly more durable than porcelain and soon became very popular, often in rural areas. The bottom of the feeder is transfer printed in black: "'Vel–fin'/S.MAW. SON & SONS./LONDON & BARNET." S. Maw Son & Sons (originally Hornby & Maw in 1807) was an English company that manufactured medical instuments out of London.

C) Production Date: 1898–1930
Country: Germany
Small, handled porcelain pap–boat. The bottom of this feeder has two stamps. One is a light green stamp with the mark, "V/ MADE IN/ GERMANY". The other is a dark green stamp with a crown on top of a pine tree shield and the number 462 underneath. The name "Schonwald" curves under the shield. Schonwald is a German porcelain company that began in 1879 in Schonwald, Germany and still specializes in porcelain products today. Due to the particular stamp on the bottom of the feeder the earliest this piece could have been made was 1898.
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