Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Pap Boats
Description / History:
Set of three white porcelain pap boats. Pap boats are a type of invalid feeder generally used to feed the invalid or child pap: a mixture of soaked bread with meal and sugar, sometimes chewed by a nurse to get the right smooth consistancy.

A) Production Date: 1910–1930
Small white pap boat with fading gold trim. Spout is slightly curved and its base is hand–painted with a red cross. This feeder was most likely used by members of the American Red Cross. Bottom is stamped in red with the words "MADE IN GERMANY" in very small print.

B) Production Date: 1910–1930
White pap boat with curved spout. Due to the indentation at the end of the spout, this feeder was most likely used for young children. Frozen drips of white paint or glaze along the left side of the feeder are prominantly visible. Bottom of the feeder is engraved with the words, "MADE IN JAPAN" and has a small fading green stamp reading, "JAPAN".

C) Production Date: 1850–1930
White rounded pap boat with small curved spout. Top of feeder is engraved with a leaf design.
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