Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Pap Boats
Description / History:
Set of three white porcelain pap boats. Pap boats are a type of invalid feeder generally used to feed the invalid or child pap: a mixture of soaked bread with meal and sugar, sometimes chewed by a nurse to get the right smooth consistancy.

A) Production Date: 1850–1880
Small white pap boat with convex quarter–cover. Handle is not a hook but a flat tab to hold onto. Pink, green and blue floral design is printed on the cover. On bottom is a small 8, printed in gold.

B) Production Date: 1800–1930
Small white pap boat with flat partial–cover. Lines were etched into the sides of the ceramic before firing to create a simple design. Bottom is unglazed. Hole of the spout is uniquely shaped and rather small. From an aerial view, feeder is not symmetrical, as too much pressure appears to have been applied to the left side.

C) Production Date: 1800–1930
Small white pap boat with flat partial cover. Bottom is engraved with the number 3517.
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