Invalid and Infant Feeders
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Invalid Feeder
Pap Boat
Description / History:
Set of four porcelain pap boats. Pap boats are a type of invalid feeder generally used to feed the invalid or child pap: a mixture of soaked bread with meal and sugar, sometimes chewed by a nurse to get the right smooth consistancy.

A) Production Date: 1911–1921
Country: Japan
White porcelain pap boat with gold trim. Spout is curved. Blue stamp on the bottom of a sun rising with the words, "Hand Painted/ NIPPON". Nippon is one of the two names for Japan in Japanese. This specific stamp ("The Rising Sun Nippon") was used no earlier than 1911.

B) Production Date: 1850–1880
Plain white porcelain pap boat with straight spout. Bottom is unglazed.

C) Production Date: 1918–1930
Country: Czechoslovakia (Current: The Czech Republic)
Plain white porcelain pap boat with curved spout. Bottom is unglazed and has a dark green stamp. Stamp is a pine tree with the initials "S. D." and the name "Czechoslovakia" curved around the symbol.

D) Production Date: 1870–1930
Country: Germany
White porcelain pap boat with gold trim and a curved spout. Bottom is engraved with the number 100 and has a red circular stamp that reads, "MADE IN GERMANY".

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