Doctor's Bags : Carrying everything the doctor needs to diagnose and treat the sick and injured when making a house call.
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Medical Bag
Obstetrical Doctor's Bag
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Late 19th or Early 20th century 'English style' black leather obstetrical bag with metal clasps on top and handle

Inside: Four small pockets and one large pocket on the opposite side

Microscope slides wrapped in paper
Unguentine "Soothing Healing Antiseptic" "The Nation's Ointment"
Linton Gauze Bandage in paper cylinder: "Plain sterilized 2 1/2 inches x 10 yards" made by Johnson & Johnson
Red Cross Neat Edge Bandage Gauze in blue paper box: "sterilized 2 inches x 10 yards" made by Johnson & Johnson
Tin container with lid and label; brown material inside
Small glass bottle with mercury tablets inside and a cork stopper; label: "J.A. Miller, Prescription druggist, 1/4 strength, use with 4 oz water, 56 N. Queen Street., Lancaster, PA"
Small glass bottle with a cork stopper and a small amount of amber liquid
Mini glass pipet with black top
Yellow box with label containing white square pills
Metal tweezers
Glass vial with cork stopper and black round tablets inside

H–6 W–5 L–18 inches
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