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Drum Microscope
Bertrand of Paris – Paris, France
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1839/ /
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Commonly called a "furnace" drum microscope, this small brass microscope was manufactured in France by Bertrand of Paris in approximately 1839. These very small drum microscopes were made between 1830 and 1850.
Included is a small ivory slide with glass center and small forceps.
The small size of this microscope made it very difficult to use. To make it easier to use, the base of the microscope dovetails into a slot on the top of the wooden case, holding it in place while in use. When set on top of its box, the assembly resembles an old furnace, giving the microscope its common name: "furnace" drum microscope.
H–1.25 W–1.75 L–3 inches
Additional Information:
This microscope can be viewed along with other late 18th and early 19th century medical artifacts at the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation's exhibit housed at the museum of Rock Ford Plantation, the historic home of Edward Hand, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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