Microscopes : A Century of Progress
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Research Microscope–DDE
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company – Rochester, NY
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1920/ /
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This brass and black lacquer microscope was patented in 1915 and created by Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. out of Rodchester, NY. The patent was created by William L. Patterson of Rodchester in order to improve fine adjustment tuners and assigned to Bausch and Lomb. This improvement allowed the body of the microscope to adjust height instead of a standard body height. Although this microscope was patented in 1915, this specific model, Model DDE – research microscope, was not produced on a large scale until 1929. This serial number, 140,809, indicates it was produced around 1920. The earlier models of the research microscope was used to identify defects in glass and impurities of raw minerals. As the research microscope advanced, so did the research. By the early 1950s, researchers were using these microscopes to understand genetics of bacterial organisms.
H–11 W–7 L–4 inches
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