Microscopes : A Century of Progress
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Monocular Student Microscope
J. Zentmayer – Philadelphia
Date of Manufacture:
1876/ /
Description / History:
This brass monocular microscope was made by J. Zentmayer of Philadelphia in the late 19th century. Zentmayer, who emigrated from Germany to the United States, was known for skills in optics and instrument making. He started his own business in Philadelphia in 1853, and within 5 short years had already produced his first microscope, the Grand American. Unsatisfied with his first microscope, Zentmayer set out to create major improvements. In 1876, Zentmayer patented and began producing, his latest edition (PAT #181120, Aug 15, 1876) which included a swinging substage assembly and mirror, as well as enhancements made to improve focus. This new edition is what is seen here and is located at the EHMHF.
H–10.5 W–6 L–5.5 inches
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