Microscopes : A Century of Progress
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Monocular Microscope
Ernst Leitz – Wetzlar, Germany
Date of Manufacture:
1931/ /
Description / History:
This brass and black–lacquered microscope was made by Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany in 1931. It was bought that same year by Mary Ellen Smith, M.D. while she was a freshman at The Women's Medical College of Penna. The microscope is in a wooden box which also contains a smaller box full of glass slides and slots with lens containers. There are three rotating oil immersion objectives of magnitudes 10x, 45x and 100x. Established in 1850, the German firm of Ernst Leitz in Wetzler became a leading manufacturer of microscopes. A large number of Leitz instruments were used in the laboratories of universities, colleges, and other educational institutions of the United States.
H–13 W–9 L–15.25 D–7 inches
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