Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation
  Preserving the History of the Healing Arts

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Above: Microscope manufactured by
John W. Sidle & Co. of
Lancaster, PA, 1878

capital In 1982, a group of physicians of the Lancaster City and County Medical Society founded The Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation with a mission to preserve and make accessible the rich heritage of the healing arts with special attention given to Lancaster County. In addition to the founding physicians of the medical society, it included members of Lancaster’s citizenry from a wide spectrum of other medical and non medical professions.

Above: Medtronic of Minnesota manufactured some of the earliest internal pacemakers

The Collection
The Foundation’s collection has grown to over 10,000 artifacts, including books, photographs and medical instruments documenting and reflecting the healing profession’s history. Much of the collection has been catalogued and exhibited in hospitals, colleges, and other institutions.

Virtual Museum
We have created a unique way to view our collection: an online, "virtual museum". Our staff has carefully cataloged our collection, and has written descriptions of each item. In addition, many of our items have been photographed using "3-D Imaging" -- allowing you to view the item from all sides and zoom in on product details. Click here to visit our Virtual Museum >>

Above: a few of the thousands of examples of medical product packaging in the collection

Making the information we gather accessible is our prime purpose. The Foundation has established a speaker’s bureau available to make presentations to interested groups.

This section includes a series of articles on the History of Lancaster County's Medical Specialties and Allied Health Professions. We will also include books or essays written by local physicians and historians on topics of medical historical interest pertaining to Lancaster County. They will appear as they are received after being edited by our publication's committee. Click here to view the Index of Articles >>